How to Start a Blog Step-By-Step In 2020

How To Start a Blog Step-By-Step In 2020

Yes! In this article, I will be sharing with you the best ways to How to Start a Blog Step-By-Step In 2020. Explaining each step in a detailed and easiest way!

Starting a blog with passion also makes you earn a passive income! YES! You heard it right you can also make income through your blog!

Here the Few simple steps to look down before creating a blog!

Choosing a Niche

choosing ideas for the blog

YES! Choosing a niche is a very important step before you start a blog because a good niche tells which type of blog you are going to create. Choose a niche in which you are passionate about! Choose a niche in which you are interested to work on and can share articles about it.

1.Choosing the best domain

The second step is selecting the domain for your blog! Selecting a domain is the best and easy step you can do always remember to select the domain using short and best keywords with easy pronunciation which is easy for the people to remember and pronounce it. Do not prolong your domain and don’t add any numbers to your domain.

2.Choosing a Web Hosting

There is a difference between web hosting and a domain. People often get confused between domain and web hosting. Let me clear the difference between web hosting and domain is that web hosting is a place where all your blog files are been stored. A domain is the name of the website.
I hope you understood the difference between a domain and web hosting.
Now let’s move for choosing the best web hosting for your blog
There are free web hosting and paid web hosting.
But I usually prefer you to go with paid web hosting as it is more secure and best compared to free web hosting .

I Prefer you to choose SiteGround Hosting for the Best Features and great customer support at the best Affordable Price.

Your blog will be very slowly loaded.
Your Data will not be secured.
It does not get customer support.
Low storage and no proper features

Your blog will be loaded with a lighting speed that attracts the visitors easily.
All the data will be secured.
24/7 customer support.
Unlimited storage and with many great features.
Unlimited domains adding option.
Free SSL Certificate.

3.Setting up WordPress

Installing WordPress is the best and easiest thing.
Here I will be sharing with you how you can easily install WordPress on your web.
First, open your cPanel dashboard and login to your account.
Now find the WordPress under the Softaculous Apps Installer.

Wordpress install through Softaculous

Now click on the WordPress you will get an Install now button.

Wordpress installation.

fill the details of the admin account by entering an admin username and admin password.

Now click at install at the bottom of the page
And your WordPress will be successfully installed.
This will be your login dashboard to your WordPress blog.

4.Choosing an attractive Theme

So, finally after installing WordPress and its time to edit your website to make it more colorful.
The Best and Attractive themes you can go with are listed below:
1.Thrive Themes: In this, you can get a lot of responsive and lightest themes with amazing editing options especially I recommend you to go with Focus and Rise in the Thrive themes.
2. Astra Pro: This is also one of the best customizable theme with a lot of added features and amazing layouts and pre-loaded templates for your blog.
For installing the WordPress Theme you can follow these steps:
Go to your WordPress dashboard to appearance and under the appearance click on themes then click on add new.
Then click on the upload theme. After Uploading Your theme click on activate and your theme will be successfully installed.
Now you can edit and optimize your theme according to your convenience.

5.Adding important Plugins

Plugins are most important to optimize your blogs such as SEO, Speed and protecting from spammers and much more.
There are many plugins available on WordPress but I will list down only a few such important plugins for a blog.
1.Yoast Seo – This Plugin helps you to rank your site on the search engines it helps you getting the best keywords to get more traffic to your blog.
2.Anti-spam – These plugins help you from the spammers it automatically removes the spam comments from your blog.
3.Elementor Pro – This Plugin is one of the best ones to edit your blog. It is the page builder by which you can customize and edit your pages. It has a full guide to help you to make your dream blog.

6. Write your first Blog and SEO It.

Finally, you have reached to the end you have successfully made your WordPress blog and its time to write your First article and publish it.
I will be helping you to write your first article on your blog and make you rank it.
Mainly concentrate on the following topics:
Title of Your Post:
This is the most important one you have to use long-tail keywords to rank your post.
You can best ideas and best keywords by searching about related to your niche on the search engines.

Google also shows you the related search queries what people are searching so you can concentrate on the related topic and make it has your next post title this helps you to rank on the search engines.

7. Monetize your Blog(earn money)

So, finally, it’s time to earn from your blog. Many people have a lot of queries and questions related to how you can make money through your blog. In this, I will be telling you the best way to earn passive income from your blog.

This is the best way to monetize your blog and apply for the Google AdSense and once your blog gets approved you can add ads to your blog by simple clicks on the ads you can earn.
2.Affiliate Marketing
This the greatest way to earn a huge income from your blog but this is not also the easiest one you have to work for it and get great marketing ideas that attract your visitors to your affiliate. You can get affiliate programs related to your niche.

3.Paid Promotions
You can also get paid for promoting other products or banners etc. People or companies pay you to advertise their content on your blog and you will be get paid for it.

I hope you have learned How to start a blog Step-By-Step In 2020 will help you to make passive income from it and I will always try to provide you with the best content.

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